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Arriving in a new country is a daunting experience, especially when the people speak a different language.

Finding the right accommodation is important to help visitors settle into property purchasing process in Bulgaria . Intervest and their partners has an excellent Accommodation Service. It offers a wide range of accommodation options, which can be pre-booked. Intervest also has an Airport Reception Service so visitors can be greeted at the airport and taken directly to their pre-booked accommodation. Easy.

Homestay Accommodation
One of the best ways to learn about Bulgaria and settle into Bulgarian life is to live with Bulgarians. For many visitors, living in a homestay is the best introduction to Bulgarian life. Visitorss have the opportunity to live with an Bulgarian family, couple or with a single person. Hosts are carefully selected to ensure visitors are welcomed into a secure and friendly environment. The weekly fee includes the visitors’s own fully furnished bedroom, breakfast and dinner on weekdays and breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends. The minimum booking is for 4 nights , however, visitors can stay for the duration of their inspection trip .

Share Accommodation
Most Bulgarian visitors live in a share house while searching a property . A share house is a rental house or unit, which is shared with other people. Members of the share house have their own bedrooms and share the kitchen, living area and bathroom. They also share rent and expenses such as bond, electricity, gas and telephone. The cost of share accommodation varies from € 80 - € 150 per week for rent only, plus establishment costs and living expenses. Intervest has an up-to-date accommodation board with lots of options, or the Intervest Visitors Services Coordinator can assist.

Rental Houses and Units
For visitorss who would like a little extra privacy, rental properties are available in and around Sofia and surrounding suburbs. Rent varies according to the location, number of bedrooms and condition of the house or unit. Although furnished apartments are available, rented houses and units are usually unfurnished and visitors should make allowances for establishment costs. Rental agreements are usually for six months and require a security deposit.

Hostels and Guest Houses
Hostels and guesthouses are a good short term accommodation option. They are fully supervised with single and shared rooms. Bathrooms, laundry, living and recreation areas are shared. Meals are not usually included and prices start at €15 per night or € 85 per week. For more information about hostels and guesthouses close to Intervest, please call us.

Exclusive City Apartments
For privacy, security and comfort the Sofia and Varna International Apartments offer the best in inner-city living. Located within walking distance of the Intervest offices these sophisticated apartments provide visitors with world-class amenities such as an in door swimming pool, gym, sauna and spa. All apartments come with kitchen facilities, personal data ports, undercover security parking and a balcony. One-bedroom apartments start at € 300 per week and two-bedroom apartments from € 350 per week.

Airport Reception
The Intervest Airport Reception Service can greet visitorss at the airport. A friendly Intervest driver will welcome the visitors to Sofia with a sign carrying the Intervest logo immediately after the visitors passes through customs. The visitors will then be escorted to his or her pre-booked destination.

Please follow our partners links to enquire and book a suitable accommodation!

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