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Dear Customer,

Our team has branded and given the answers to some questions most commonly asked.
If your topic is not listed below you may use Request help form to contact us for assistance.
However this chapter is subject to change without notice.

  • Can I search for a property without a registration?
    Yes, you can.
  • Do I need to become registered user to place an ad and to use favorites?
    Yes, definitely.
  • Why registration is needed to place an ad or to use some additional services?
    To verify your identity and to help people who browse our database to contact you directly by e-mail or phone, regarding enquiries about your property.
  • Why I need to pay for using your services?
    Dear customer, after registration we provide you with free of charge account for your very first offers. Depends on type of the registration you can benefit from publishing up to 20 sales/letting offers for unlimited time and up to 9 pictures for each property. The property system has been dedicated in details in order to help you with your sales, rentals, marketing and analyzing of real Estate market in Bulgaria, therefore we expect you to help us with further development and updating the system. All the finance support we receive from our Customers, we invest considerably in people, new technologies and advertising of the domain name over the web. Respectively you will get more from using further the application and would expect more results and expand your income.
  • Could I place an ad for sale/rental in other regions in Europe?
    No. The system support full coverage of Bulgaria region only.
  • Can you guarantee that information supplied by individuals, estate agents or developers is correct an up-to-date?
    We can not. We believe that all of our Customers and Partners are reliable, honest and they provide the right information, pictures and prices. However we are not responsible for any wrong published listings, missing information or any type of bad language. You are welcome to provide any kind of positive or negative testimonials and feedback regarding some estate agent or developers – we promise to check it out and to publish it.
  • Should I pay more if I wish my offers to be visible on first page and/or first 5 positions in each page of the search results?
    Yes, in deed. Our marketing research and statistics shows more results and enquiries have been delivered to those using Pro Package compared to Standard. Contact us for info pack and prices.
  • Can we receive additional information or latest offers published by my common searches?
    Yes you can. After registration you can use this option by ticking checkbox in any search form. Later you will be notified by the system when new ads meet your criteria.
  • What type of property I'm able to publish for sale? I can’t see a cottage.
    The property you look for will appear automatically once you choose house for sale while you start with publishing of new ad. However we are open to include new property type immediately if not listed.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Unfortunately not. Your account will be updated after we receive the information from our bank that funds are clear and your invoice has been paid. You can use bank details enclosed in contact form. Please include invoice or reference number we provide you with while make transfer.

The INTERVEST | Estates services Team
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