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Property Management Benefits Features & Pricing Quotation
Dear Customer,
The role of a property management company is to act as a caretaker for your home in your absence, making sure it is well maintained and kept in perfect working order when you are not in residence, whilst also ensuring that it is thoroughly cleaned and prepared to meet your needs when you are due to arrive at your property. Even i f you only plan to use your Bulgarian property on an occasional basis, it is absolutely essential as well that you have a reliable and professional property management company on site to help you maintain your villa or apartment.

As well as being one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Europe region, Bulgaria proving to be a popular choice for people looking to purchase a home in Bulgaria . Many people choose to relocate permanently from the UK, Ireland or other parts of Europe. However, many people have chosen to buy a property in Bulgaria for investment purposes, or more simply they like the idea of owning a holiday home that has so many facilities on hand.

The property market in Bulgaria remains buoyant, with new properties being built all the time. Additionally, there are a growing number of re-sales as current owners decide to change or upgrade their homes. There are several important factors to consider when buying a home in Bulgaria , especially if you intend to use your newly purchased villa or apartment purely as a holiday retreat. Perhaps you own a mansion in Sofia, Varna ... or something rural in Troyan . Whichever the case, there is usually a market for letting it, as long as the price and the advertising is right. In fact, if you take the rent as a percentage of the propertyґs value, the cheaper place could well end up being the higher earner of the two. Contact your local agent to learn more about investment in 365 days letting areas.

A Holliday property will generate a good rental income for you for several months of the year as long as you get the location right and buy the kind of property that can be easily let. As a very rough guide, holiday homes on Bulgaria 's " Black Sea Coast" are being let for an average of € 650 per month but of course that varies considerably according to several factors - size and standard of the property, facilities, ease of access and most of all location.

The most successful owners who run holiday letting businesses on the Black Sea Coast have a fully booked rental season between June and September and also manage to let their properties, at a reduced rate, for several months in low and mid season. Top of the range holiday villas in parts of the Black Sea Coast can be let for 900 euros a week or more in the peak season months of July and August. During the Christmas and Easter holidays, demand soars again and rental prices are almost equivalent to those of high summer. Many owners secure a decent income out of season by negotiating six-month winter lets at a discount price. The highest rental prices are in the most upmarket resorts of the Black Sea Coast – Sunny Beach, Golden Sands, Albena and St. Konstantin & Hellena.
The advice from seasoned holiday property owners is to go as upmarket as you can possibly afford without breaking the bank. The most "lettable" properties are those with a private swimming pool, near the sea (ideally with a sea view) and within easy reach of shops, bars, restaurants and local nightlife. The property should be reasonably close to an international airport with daily charter flights to the major European capitals. Good air links to the UK and Germany are vital because these two countries provide the lion's share of visiting tourists.

An apartment on or near the beach with access to a communal pool will generally command higher rental charges than a villa with a private pool a few miles drive inland. Facilities are another important factor - the more money you spend equipping and furnishing the property, the higher you can set your rental tariff. The most luxurious villas have daily maid service, heated pools for out of season use, jacuzzis, exquisite furniture etc. But even if your budget won't stretch to that level of luxury it's important to remember that many visitors regard certain items as essential - satellite TV, video, air conditioning, a microwave.

It's extraordinary how many owners skimp on fixtures and fittings then wonder why they never secure any repeat bookings. It's a known fact in the industry that dissatisfied visitors who feel a holiday property doesn't represent good value for money are much more likely to break, damage or even steal items in order to get their own back!

Many owners on the Black Sea Coast have found they have been able to purchase a second holiday home with the proceeds of their first year of letting. Even at the lower end of the market, as long as you pick the right location and meet the above criteria your rental income should more than cover your mortgage repayments and running costs.

If you use a high street agent to handle your holiday lets, it's important to know that many of them charge 30 % or more per booking. It's worth considering employing a local person on the spot to handle changeovers, pool cleaning etc while you handle the marketing and bookings. There are plenty of good offers advertising Bulgarian villas for a small annual fee which means more money in your pocket from each booking.

For additional information and service fees about management a property in Bulgaria, please see the application.

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