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   Intervest Rent a Car service is part of company policy to cover all the Customers needs during their stay in Bulgaria. From the very first moment you arrive in Bulgaria, you’ll be satisfied with our first class airport reception, get your car straight from the airport, accommodation you prefer and meeting with your English speaking PA. Amounts you pay for all the services, returns to you 50 % discount if you purchase a property with our company while you’re in Bulgaria. We offer you several different class inspected automobiles, on reasonable prices and with full insurance.
   Please review the pictures, descriptions and price list. Once you have made your choice, please check availability, fill in and send us booking form. Your car is already waiting for you at the airport, train or bus station with full petrol tank.

Enjoy your trip!

Car type 1 day up to 3 days up to 15 days up to 30 days Deposit
A 30 € 27 € 24 € 22 € 100 €
B + 35 € 32 € 28 € 26 € 150 €
C 45 € 40 € 38 € 35 € 250 €
M 75 € 68 € 63 € 60 € 350 €
L 95 € 86 € 80 € 76 € 500 €

* All the cars are offered for self driving. Chauffeur available for 30 € per day!
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